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      Kangwang filter Hebei Kangwang filter devioe Co.,Ltd.-Company Overview
      Air filter
      Oil filter
      Diesel filter
      Power Filter
      Kangwang filter
      Kangwang filter
      Company Overview
      Company History
      Company Style
      Workshop equipment
      Kangwang filter
      Kangwang filter

      Hebei Kangwang Filter Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1985. The main thought of traffic, coal, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, chemical, medical, electronics,food, tobacco and other industries the production of filters, filter for the leading product. After 20 years of temper, is a collection of scientific research, development,innovation, production and sales as one of the specialized companies, covers an area of 36000 square meters, has advanced production line and management mode.The annual production capacity of 5000000 pieces / sets.

      Our company registered trademark for the "Kang Wang" brand. Our company has passed ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification standards, products through the China Quality Certification Center CQC certification, and was identified by the Research Center for supporting the designatedmanufacturer. The products of our company reached thousands, strong technical force, advanced equipment, complete testing equipment, has established a perfect quality management system, in addition to the product specifications are fixed, our company can also according to the needs of users to design various filter elementand filter equipment.

       At present the company's products have entered the international market, mainly exported to Europe, Africa and other places. Domestic users throughout the country 31 provinces, city, autonomous region. The company to "quality of survival, reputation and development, the user is God" for the purpose, is willing to sincere cooperation spirit, excellent product quality,reasonable price, good after sale service and new and old customers hand in hand to create brilliant.

      Hebei Kangwang Filter Equipment Co., Ltd.

      Copyring @ 2000-2010 Hebei Kang Wang Filtration Equipment Co., Inc.All rights reserved
      Address: Economic Development Zone, Hebei solid Ankang housework
      Phone: 0316 -6142010 Fax: 0316 -6143689 E-mail: kangwanggongsi@126.com